Our Story

Thank you for visiting our site!  We feel so lucky to be able to spend our days doing the work we love and, even more so, getting to share it with you.  

The story of An Open Sketchbook is one of serendipity. In 2006, as a design student, I started a blog as an outlet for sharing the ideas and drawings that would otherwise be lost among the pages of closed sketchbooks. As I began to draw and post with regularity, I found myself documenting the most mundane of things…and, surprisingly, taking pleasure in the process.   By sketching and sharing the stories of the people, places and matters that I’d normally pass by, I found myself living more fully.  Like Dorothy entering the Land of Oz, suddenly everything was in Technicolor. 

In 2011, my talented husband, and biggest cheerleader, Edgar, joined me as a contributor to An Open Sketchbook. It was in our sketchbooks and through this online outlet we found both our voices and calling.  In the summer of 2012, we took a deep breath and a big leap of faith when we decided to dive into our sketchbook as a full-time design and illustration partnership.  Despite our occasional disagreements over what pen is best to draw with (roller-ball for Edgar, felt-tip for me) we are certain this is a decision we will never regret.  

An Open Sketchbook is our passion.  It’s our answer to the question, ‘What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?’ Drawing inspiration from our family, childhood and a love of visual storytelling, we strive to create work that celebrates the best and, often times, overlooked parts of life.  Today we collaborate on an assortment of projects from product design to editorial illustration to the hardest and most rewarding project of all, parenting our twin toddlers, Max and Miles (aka The Twinterns).


We invite you to get a broader glimpse into our studio + home here.